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About Hat Guild

Hat is small, tight knit guild of players who enjoy excellence in PVE and PVP. More than anything else, we exist to increase our members enjoyment of the game. Many of our members have played on Gorefiend since the release of World of Warcraft.

We are not a hardcore PVE progression guild, although our members have participated in many server first and horde first PVE raids. We regularly raid and run heroics, we've cleared all the TBC raid zones (Sunwell cleared), and we've finished the WotLK-25 raids (Naxx, Malygos, Sarth+3Drakes, Glory10, Glory25). I want to emphasize that we are a SMALL guild, and we expect very high raid attendence from our members.

We have a number of very highly ranked arena teams (in all brackets), and most of our members enjoy PVPing regularly. People that calculate the average arena ratings of all guilds often tell us we're the highest on the server. We created our raid schedule to group PVE raids days together to allow people to re-spec PVP for the whole weekend.

We pride ourselves on how well we get along with each other and the absolute lack of drama in our guild. If you have a history of personality conflicts with members of your guild or you've ever had a loot-drama episode, this is not the guild for you. Also, its worth noting that while we're typically pretty polite people, there are times when members of our guild will say some pretty offensive and vulgar things in chat or vent so if you are easily offended by this sort of internet drivel, then thats a problem.

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